The Heart Cheek Piece Then Pick Your Mouth Piece

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The Classic Heart Shaped Cheek Piece is beautiful and fictional. 
Pick any mouth piece to make a custom bit.

Design your own bit by starting with the type of cheek design which is made out of quality stainless steel that will never rust.
Then add the type of mouth piece that you would like to make that perfect bit.

Spade -This Spanish Spade has a mouthpiece designed for a highly finished horse that has been trained specifically for its use. Copper wrapped brace wires allow this bit to be held lower in the mouth, enhance sensitivity by slightly moving as the reins are lifted, and add mass to distribute weight and pressure over a greater area.
Barqueno- The Barqueno is a modified spade bit. It is a essentially a half breed with brace wires.
Half Breed - This old standard features a straight mouth bar that distributes weight pressure evenly across the tongue and bars of the mouth.
Salinas - Light port with roller provides mass for weight distribution as well as tongue relief.
Mona Lisa - A light and less bulky version of the old style Mona Lisa, still provides mass for pressure distribution as well as tongue relief with its low ported mouth bar. This mouthpiece is available with or without hood.
Copper Roller - A lighter and more effective version of the old style frog mouthpiece, uses 5 small copper beads instead of the large single roller. The low ported mouth bar provides tongue relief.
Sweet Water - This mouthpiece was designed for horses that may have oversized tongues or perhaps past trauma or injury to the tongue. Its wide port and forward set place weight and apply pressure directly on the bars of the mouth.
High Port w/ Roller - Light port with roller provides mass for weight distribution as well as tongue relief.
Curb - A good all around grazer mouthpiece.